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What is UV DTF Printing?

UV DTF Printing is a printing technique that use ultraviolet curing technology to create srickers, also known as crystal stickers. Unlike traditional stickers, the pattern created by UV DTF printers does not require heat pressing. The designs on the PET film may be transferred simply by pressing your fingertips together. The only thing left to do is separate the transfer and PET films. The photo emerges on the hard goods surface once you peel away the transfer layer.

UV print application?

UV Print DTF may be used mostly on hard cover materials, including pen, trophy, bottle, thermos, notepad, pendrive, and others.
UV DTF printing is a highly flexible printing method, it can be useful if you want to print menus for tableware in the restaurants, trademarks on the household electrical appliances, or various applications. With this machine, you don’t need to stamp the trademarks by transporting all the heavy goods, which it’s quite convenient for the supplies to save costs and delivery fees. If you are creating a product that will be used outdoors, you should definitely consider using UV printing.